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Don't be fooled by the imitators, come to the ONLY TRUE Card store locally!

This is huge for everyone of our customers both current and future. First time ever you can physically come to a store locally and sell your personal collections for great value. Or seeing your kids come into our store and make trades with us for new cards or products that excites them. We are the ONLY TRUE CARD STORE here in South West Florida. There are others that act like they are a card store however they are only selling trading card products for the money not cause they enjoy the hobby! Which is why we opened, we hated seeing everyone be forced to buy at ridiculous prices. Kids should be able to afford to enjoy this hobby just like the adults. We have both retail and hobby products that way everyone can enjoy opening packs and boxes of cards without spending all of their money. Nor will you have to hope that you can find pack of cards at the big box stores cause someone bought everything as soon as it hit the shelves. The sports card and Pokémon industry is crazy at the moment but have no fear because Str8 Cards will always have what you are looking for.



Str8 Breaks takes place in the Str8 Rips & Sips Lounge in the back of our store live and streamed on Whatnot, TikTok and eBay Live coming soon.

Str8 Cards & Collectables has been a long-time Sports Cards and Pokémon card Collector in Cape Coral. We are now offering a unique opportunity in joining in on our break nights. You are more then welcome to attend in the Rips & Sips Lounge or subscribe to our online channels. We continue to innovate breaking wax with our customers. Stay tuned to our Instagram channel for all updates on our break nights.



2135 Santa Barbara Blvd Unit 102
Cape Coral, FL 33991


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